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telephone voice changerFAQs for the TVC-1

Q1:) My friends can still recognize my voice using the TVC-1?

A1:) TVC-1 is only a simple voice digitizer and the degree of voice alteration depends on the pitch of your voice. TVC-1 works best with higher pitched voices such as women and children and does not work as well with men that have deeper voices. Use the TVC-2 to alter and disguise your voice even further. Also remember your friends and most people have caller ID. I realize this seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how often people forget about caller ID.

Q2:) Is the TVC-1 compatible with most phones?

A2:) The TVC-1 is compatible with almost all phones because you simply hold it over the mouthpiece and speak normally.

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voice changer deluxe

FAQs for the TVC-2

Q1:) The LED light does not come on?

A1:) When the LED light does not come on when the button is pressed it can mean a couple of different things. 1) Make sure the batteries are good. 2) The unit is not compatible with the phone that you have hooked it up to (see Q2 below). 3) The TVC-2 unit is bad and needs to be replaced.

Q2:) Will the TVC-2 unit work with all phones?

A2:) NO. The TVC-2 will not work with cordless phones, or phones with dialing buttons on the handset. Dialing buttons must be on the base of the phone and not on the earpiece unit. The TVC-2 will also not work with multi-line phones.

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Now only $44.00 each

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