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TeleSpy™ Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: What if I hear an intruder?

A: First, be grateful you're not there but are listening from a remote location. Never attempt to apprehend criminals yourself. This could be very dangerous! If you think you are hearing an unauthorized break-in, call 911 or your local law enforcement emergency phone number.

Q: Can the TeleSpy™ be used in smaller homes and apartments and homes with existing security systems?

A: Yes. The TeleSpy™ is an ideal solution for the smaller homes and apartments. Because of its affordability and easy installation, it is an ideal security product for rented apartments, college dorm rooms, and small homes or condos. It also provides a valuable supplement to businesses and homes with existing security systems. About 30% of TeleSpy™ sold go into small businesses, garages or shops.

Q: How does the Self Test function help me?

A: The test switch on the TeleSpy™ powers the green LED light near it. It tells the owner instantly when the motion sensor detects something (light comes on). The light stays on during a timed period (the listening period) after which the phone disconnects and the light goes off. When the light goes off the TeleSpy™ is instantly re-armed for the next detection. Knowing how to use this function allows the owner to discover the exact perameter and sensitivity of the motion sensor within their personal environment.

Operational tip: Unplug the phone line. Now the TeleSpy™ will show LED light "on" for detection and light "off" for disconnect and reset without calling. Always remember that the first time you turn the TeleSpy™ power "on" it takes 60 seconds to arm but the LED will turn off at 30 seconds. You must wait 30 seconds after the light has gone off before the TeleSpy™ is armed (only the first time.) Thereafter, when the light goes off, the TeleSpy™ is instantly armed.

Q: How do I know where best to position my TeleSpy™?

A: Simple, think like an intruder. If an intruder entered, where would he come from (34% come through the front door), where would he go? What would the intruder want? Predicting an intruder's movement once they break-in should dictate the position of the TeleSpy™ in the room.  First place TeleSpy™in the best place, lastly run the cords in a discrete and safe manner. Running cords accross the middle of a room unsecured is never a good idea. A small telephone table near the area you would most like to protect works the best. Remember to make the phone appear to be an actual phone.

Q: If I have a pet will that interfere with the function of the Telespy?

A: Pets and motion sensors can live together. If you use the motion sensor with the pet in close proximity it probably will set off the sensor. Use the test light on TeleSpy™ to discover for yourself the sensitivity of your pet(s), then devise a strategy which allows the TeleSpy™ to function without pet interference; you may find that pointing it in a specific direction or slightly raising the unit solves the problem. Sensitivity is factory set to trigger on anything larger a 40 pound (5 years old) child or animal. This can be adjusted to best suit your own situation.

Was $75.95
Now only $65.00 each

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